Griffith University acknowledges the variety of research fields in which candidates are engaged. This variety means that it is no longer appropriate to define a research thesis in terms only of the preparation of a single volume paper typescript of about 300 pages.

Depending on the research field it may be appropriate to submit in a variety of formats. The vital consideration is that the research product must be assessable by experts in the relevant field as meeting the requirement of contemporary international standards. Griffith University expects that supervisors are expert advisors on such standards - and monitors that expectation through the various stages of a student's progress, from admission, through confirmation and annual reporting, to the nomination of examiners and the administration of the examination itself.

The thesis usually involves a substantial written document. In some disciplines the research may include other material such as an exhibition of works of art, a design, or a performance. These generally will be supported by a written document. Students enrolled in such programs should use this document as a guide for the presentation of the written component of their research.

Students should be aware that they may not submit any work or material that has previously been submitted for a degree at Griffith University or a similar award from another institution, and will be required to testify to this at submission.