As an interim measure, this business process outlines how staff are able to convert email messages into a PDF record to import into TRIM. Note that a hard copy of the email should NOT then be printed and sent to CARMS. This process also replaces the use of An email can only be TRIMed after it has been sent to the recipient.

Prerequisites for this business process

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Business Process

1. Open the email you wish to TRIM. Print the email to a PDF record, noting the file path of where the PDF file is saved.

2. Open TRIM. Click File > New and from the list of available Record Types, select  ELECTRONIC (BORN DIGITAL) and click OK

3. The TRIM Records Entry form will now appear. Complete the metadata fields of the Records Entry form.

TRIMing email messages

Form fieldExplanation
Title (Free text part)This will automatically complete using the Subject line of your email. This will usually require altering to be a more meaningful title. It must also adhere to the TRIM Record Naming Conventions and TRIM Data Entry Conventions.
ContainerThis is the CARMS file number into which you are saving your email. In many instances, you will already know the file number and can type it directly in here. Alternatively, it is often easier to search in TRIM first before saving your email.
Date createdThis field will automatically complete with the date of the email. If this is incorrect, you can change it.
Direction of DocumentIncoming is used for email received from parties external to the University (including email sent to students)
Internal is used for email sent and received from parties within the University
Outgoing is used for email sent to parties external to the University (including email received from students)
AssigneeThis field will be blanked out and cannot be altered.

Click OK.

4. TRIM will automatically spell check your entry. Please do not skip this step and carefully review any suggested amendments as the integrity of the data in TRIM depends on accurate spelling, Record Naming Conventions and Data Entry Conventions. Once the spell checking has been completed a message will display advising that the document number assigned to your record. Click OK.

TRIMing email messages

5. Locate the PDF record you saved to your computer in step 1 above. Drag the PDF icon onto the TRIM document you have just created. The Check In Electronic Document window will appear. Click OK. The PDF of your email document has now been saved to TRIM.