Lodging corporate records with Records Services

Student records

Before sending hard-copy records to Records Services, student records should be prepared and barcoded in accordance with the guidelines. Details of the student records that should be sent to Records Services to be scanned and placed on the electronic student file are available. Email records should be forwarded to recopy-student@griffith.edu.au in accordance to recopy guidelines.

Staff records

Details of preparation of staff records prior to sending to Records Services is available, along with which records should be placed on file.

Legal agreements

It is essential that final signed versions of all legal agreements are lodged with Records Services for appropriate storage as vital records. Complete a Vital Records Lodgement Forms and attach to the record before sending to Records Services. Details on submitted contracts received by the University digitally are included on the Form.

Committee Records

All committee records are now be managed digitally in SharePoint.

Large volumes of historical records

If you have large volumes of historical records in your element, please contact the Team Leader, Records Services. More information on onsite records appraisal and advice is available.