New staff to Griffith

Welcome!  This New Staff page provides you with a range of training resources that will assist your transition into the Griffith community.

Health and Safety Induction training

To meet your legislative requirements as a new employee please complete your on-line Health and Safety training

Equity Training

To meet your legislative requirements as a new employee please complete your on-line Equity training (Equal Opportunity workshop)

Discover the New Griffith - On the Move Tour

As a new staff member you are strongly encouraged to enrol in the On the Move Orientation Tour.

  • On the Move - a one day bus tour designed to be fun, informative and interactive, giving you a sense of Griffith outside your Element. You'll have the chance to experience the uniqueness of each of our 5 campuses from South Bank down to our Gold Coast campus at Southport and meet new and existing staff from across the University.  Bookings are essential as each tour can take up to 24 places. On the Move Newsletters provides pictures and highlights the tours.
  • 2015 Newsletters

Finding answers to your questions

Ask HR
Your first reference point for all HR queries in relation to payroll, leave, staff benefits etc.
Staff Email Learning Centre Account information and on-line help resource for using Google and Gmail.

Information Services - Ask Us

Find the answers to a wide range of questions on computing, audio visual and telecommunications advice and support

Telephones There are a number of different phones used across the campuses with a variety of features you can access.

For Academic Staff

Resources for Academic Staff  Information is provided in areas such as teaching, research, consultancy, commercial research, inventions and intellectual property, as well as self-help resources.

  • Academic Transition to Griffith sessions are conducted by the Learning Futures and provide new academic staff with specifics to assist you in your first academic role or your transition from another academic institution.
  • Inductions workshops for Course Convenors or Program Directors or the Foundations of University teaching are also available.

For General Staff

There are many free short courses and training programs available for staff, including tailored courses for staff working in specialist area

There are many Elements across Griffith who provide training and development activities for both staff and students. A table of Training Providers is available to help you find the right support to meet your needs.

Resources for Sessional / Casual Staff

Academic - Resources for Casual Academic Staff (Sessionals) include Sessional Engagement Forms, induction materials, and how to create or approve your academic schedule online (creating sessional staff schedules) workshops

General - Resources for Casual General Staff include induction materials, as well as accessing and completing your time sheet.

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