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The University has a clear commitment to providing accessible and inclusive learning environments and content. Blackboard Ally can help us achieve that within our Learning@Griffith Courses and Programs through institution and course level reporting, and the provisioning of alternative formats for course contents.

The Griffith University Course Design Standards align directly via Section 5 (five) Learner-Enabling Design, outlining the provision of materials and resources that adhere to Griffith’s Accessibility Guidelines as a Foundational Standard (FS 5.3)  and promoting this objective for all...

“We optimise our learning environments to build our students’ capacity to confidently and capably manage their own learning and enable all of our students to succeed to the best of their ability."

Introducing Blackboard Ally at Griffith

How does Ally support me and my Cohort?

Ally works in three ways to enhance inclusivity and accessibility in your Learning@Griffith Course or Organisation:

  1. For your Cohort | Providing alternative formats for those files you have added to your Learning@Griffith Course or Organisation.
  2. For your build | Providing you step-by-step accessibility coaching as you build your Course content
  3. For legacy courses | Providing you a Full Course Report, allowing you to overhaul a copied or legacy Course to enhanced standards of accessibility


Blackboard Ally provides teaching staff with course level reports to empower them to resolve any accessibility issues identified within the course content. The course is given an overall accessibility score that provides an "at-a-glance" impression, and highlights the content that is easiest to fix. This creates an entry point into the content improvement process, and helps identify the content that has the most significant accessibility issues.

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Blackboard Ally adds an accessibility score gauge from 0-100% against each piece of content in the course to indicate if there are accessibility issues identified within the specific file.

Clicking the gauge takes you to a new page which highlights the identified issues, and instructions on how to resolve them.

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Alternative formats aim to provide all students with equal access to learning resources that are built to target the needs of the individual student. Students can autonomously generate and download alternative accessible formats - including audio conversions, HTML, ePub, and electronic braille - using advanced Machine Learning Algorithms.

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Become a Blackboard Ally Champion

Blackboard Ally is currently in Pilot mode.  If you would like to be an Early Adopter in enhancing the Inclusiveness in your VLE, contact your relevant Academic Group Learning & Teaching Consultant (Design).

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Further Resources

Find out more about the Blackboard Ally Pilot at the Explore Learning & Teaching ExLNT website.

For more great resources to assist your creation of accessible content 'across the board' visit  'Accessible Course Materials' on the Accessible Learning Environments website.

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