Turnitin is used in Learning@Griffith to provide an online text matching service alongside the online submission, marking and return of your assessment.

Good to know

  • Submission points for your Turnitin assignment will be located within the course site for your course on Learning@Griffith.  If you are having trouble locating a submission point, please contact your Course Convenor.
  • Turnitin is usually set up to accept a single file of 40MB or less, once, in a format that allows Turnitin to "read" your text (such as Microsoft Word or PDF).  More information about acceptable files is on our Troubleshooting Turnitin page.
  • After submitting, you should check that your file has been submitted by looking in the Submission Inbox.
  • Your originality report may or may not be made available to you by the teaching staff.
  • Sometimes there are two submission points for one assignment - a Draft and a Final. Draft submission points are a way for you to generate text-matching reports for your assessment prior to submitting your final assignment version.
  • Occasionally you will be permitted to submit to the same Turnitin submission point as many times as you like until the due time, allowing you to check your originality report and resubmit if necessary.   If you are unsure, check with your course convenor.  Where you are allowed to submit more than once you may have to wait up to 24 hours for the originality report to be generated.
  • After submission, Turnitin will show you the time the submission was made based on the time of your device. Due to time zone differences, the timestamp you see may differ to that seen by your Instructor.  While this can be confusing, you should simply ensure that you are submitting prior to the due time in Brisbane (UTC +10) to ensure that your submission is not marked as Late.

Step by step

The basics: Submitting to Turnitin

  1. Locate the submission point in your Learning@Griffith course site, and click Submit/View Assignment
  2. Click the Submit tab at the top of your screen
  3. Enter your assessment name in the Submission Title box
  4. Browse for your file, and attach it
  5. Tick the box to confirm you are submitting your own work
  6. Click Submit
  7. Print or Save a copy of the Digital Receipt

The basics: Checking your submission

It is important that you check to ensure that they have uploaded successfully.

  1. Go to the Submission Inbox tab in the submission point
  2. Click on the document title to open it.
  3. Ensure that the file appears as expected

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