Tests and quizzes in Learning@Griffith are presented, completed and marked online. Tests are linked to your name, and can provide teaching staff with additional statistical information such as how long students spend in a test or working on a question.  If your marks are made available to you, you'll see them in My Marks.  Teaching staff might also provide feedback to help you understand the correct answers to the test questions.

Learning@Griffith surveys are very similar to tests but they are not linked to individual student names.  They are occasionally used to collect anonymous feedback from students. 

Step by step

The basics: Taking a test

  1. Before taking an online test, there are steps you can take to minimise the chances of technical problems.  Technical problems during a test can be a cause of great stress!  Read our guide to preparing to take an online test.
  2. During the test, follow the instructions to answer each question, and the options to save and move on to the next question.  If anything unusual appears on your screen during the test, take a screenshot (or photo of the computer screen).
  3. At the end of the test, ensure you click the buttons to save and submit your responses.

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Good to know

Our guide on preparing to take a test can help you prevent issues during your test

Whilst taking the test, you should take note of the following:

  • Limit button clicks
    Do not click on buttons multiple times. Be patient and wait for the page to load. This applies especially when starting the exam.
  • Use a single click on the OK button to begin exam.
    There have been cases of students clicking OK a number of times rapidly without letting the page load. When the student begins the exam they receive the message ‘Exam has already been completed.’
  • Progress to the next question using the links
    If your questions are being presented one at a time to proceed to the next question, you must click the button highlighted with the red square on the image below.
  • Ignore the browser’s Back button
    Your browser probably has a Back button. Do not click this button during a test. Similarly, you should not use any of your browser’s other provisions for going back (such as right clicking and selecting “Back").
  • Do not change your browser settings during a test
    Before starting a test, ensure that you have the browser settings selected that you want to work with during a test. Changing these settings while a test is in progress may return you to the opening page of the course and you may not be able to restart the test.

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Learning@Griffith specialist technical support is available Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm.  At other times, IT Service Centre staff may be able to assist you.

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