Before you begin an online assessment, ensure that you are aware of any restrictions.  For example, a Test may only be available for a certain time or for a single entry, or you might only be able to submit once for an assignment even though you have multiple files to attach.  Refer to the information on particular tools to help you to submit successfully:

For a detailed list of online assessment tools, and how to use them, please see the Assessment Tools page.

If problems occur

Occasionally, you may find that you encounter problems with online assessment submission, including but not limited to:

  • computer crashes or Internet connection issues interfering with your submission
  • you accidentally exit a test or quiz, and cannot re-enter and finish it
  • assignment files will not upload
  • you upload the wrong assignment file, and cannot replace it

If this happens, you can contact us for advice and assistance. Please be aware that whilst we will help as much as possible, it is sometimes necessary for our staff to contact your tutor, lecturer or course convenor for permission prior to making any change to your assessment.  It is up to them as to whether you will be allowed a second attempt, a late submission or an alternate submission.  However, all details will be recorded in our Service Desk Tool, and if you or your tutor/lecturer/course convenor require more information about the problem at any time, we can provide this information on request.

If there are system problems impacting on your ability to meet assessment deadlines, the Assessment Submission and Return Procedures Policy gives provision for automatic extensions.  Search for this policy in the Policy Library for more information.