The Assignment tool allows you to submit files onto Learning@Griffith for marking.  Once marking is complete, you can see your marks and feedback online.

Your Assignment might be enabled for checking with SafeAssign.  If it is, the submission process is largely the same, but you can find more information about how SafeAssign works by referring to our SafeAssign page.

Good to know

  • Submission points for your Assignment will be located within the course site for your course on Learning@Griffith.  If you are having trouble locating a submission point, please contact your Course Convenor.
  • A Blackboard Assignment can accept multiple files in a single submission, however you must attach all of them before clicking Submit.
  • If the assignment is set up as a Group Assignment only one member within the group will need to submit, but all students in the group will be able to see the submission and receive feedback.
  • When you have successfully submitted to the Assignment tool you will now see a green 'Success!' notification banner at the top of the page. This banner gives a submission confirmation number that can be copied and saved as proof of submission.
  • Students will also get a 'Submission Received' receipt email for submissions through the Assignment tool. This email shows details such as the name of the Assignment submitted to, and the date and time of the submission
  • You can also check that your assignment has been submitted by re-entering the submission point and ensuring your file displays. This is good practice as you should always check that your file has uploaded correctly.

Step by step

The basics: Submitting your assignment

  1. Locate the assignment submission point in your course - for example, it might be in the Assessment area.
  2. Click the name of the assignment.
  3. On the Upload Assignment page, click Browse My Computer and select a file (or files) to attach. 
    Ensure you have the correct file/s: often you will only be allowed one opportunity to submit your assignment.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. A success message appears at the top of the page - this includes your submission confirmation number - you can copy and save this number as proof of your submission.
  6. You will be now able to see the file you have submitted onscreen - take this chance to check that you have submitted the correct file, and that it has uploaded correctly.
  7. You can view you submission receipt under the Submitted tab in your My Marks area, and will also be emailed your submission receipt.
    (But note - both these things apply to the Assignment tool only.  If you submit to Turnitin this is a different tool, and you will not see the Submission receipt in My Marks nor will you receive an email for any submissions to Turnitin. Instead your Digital Receipt will appear onscreen immediately after you submit and a copy should be saved).

More information

Viewing marked assignments