Each time a new teaching period commences, a new course site for the course will appear on Learning@Griffith.  It is the responsibility of teaching staff to ensure that the site is updated and contains the correct information for students.  The information below will help you set up your course site/s at the start of a new teaching period.

Even if you are an experienced Course Convenor at Griffith we recommend you follow our checklist.  Our team regularly reviews the list of tools in the Learning@Grififth system and optimises the steps in the list below to prevent backtracking during course setup - thus saving you time.  You'll also be prompted to perform a few simple checks that can reduce the incidence of technical support issues for students once the course is underway.

When does the course site appear?

New course sites populate automatically into Learning@Griffith prior to the commencement of a teaching period.  Different courses in the same teaching period may appear in Learning@Griffith at different times.  As a guide, by the time the Griffith University Course Profile is open for editing and students can plan their enrolment, your Learning@Griffith course site will be available.  OUA course sites are made available to teaching staff several months prior to the course start date.

When do students get access to the site?

Students get access at a specified date for each teaching period.  The date is set on a per-teaching period basis and is usually two weeks before the teaching period commences.  Access for OUA students is always the first day of the teaching period.   If students need access to the Learning@Griffith site earlier than the default start date set in the system, you can change this yourself (this is covered in step 15, below). You can also temporarily hide the site from student view, which may be useful while you are updating the course content for the new teaching period.

How to prepare a course site

We have divided the information up into steps.  Please start at step 1, Locate your course site on Learning@Griffith, and follow the links to the next step as you work through the list.

The complete list of steps is as follows:

  1. Locate your course site on Learning@Griffith
  2. Add your teaching team
  3. Join your course sites
  4. Prepare the new course site for course copy
  5. Copy content
  6. Group setup
  7. Set up or update assessment
  8. Set up collaborative tools such as Discussion Boards, wikis and blogs
  9. Set up Blackboard Collaborate
  10. Lecture Capture (Echo360 Active Learning Platform)
  11. Review and revise content, including availability dates
  12. Check your Mark Centre
  13. Organisation enrolment
  14. Check your course menu
  15. Check course availability
  16. Post an Announcement
Next step: Locate your course site on Learning@Griffith