Edit Mode (or Edit View) is the view of a course or Organisation that teaching staff must enter in order to edit content.  Usually, Edit Mode is on by default - you may choose to temporarily turn it off so that you can view your course site as your students will see it.    When Edit Mode is off, we refer to the screen as being in Display View.

Good to know

  • If you can't access the tools to add content to your course, Edit Mode is the first thing you should check.
  • Display View will show you what the course looks like to your students.  If you want to interact with your course site as a student, try using Student Preview mode.

Step by step

You can toggle Edit Mode on or off by clicking the link at the top right of the screen.  A green indicator means that Edit Mode is enabled; a red indicator means that you are seeing the course as a student would see it, and you cannot edit anything unless you turn Edit Mode on again.  Click the red or green indicator to toggle between Edit Mode: On and Edit Mode: Off.

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