How to send an email to one/many students via an ATLAS workspace

You may want to contact a group of students from your ATLAS workspace to remind them of a due date, find out why they have not submitted, or congratulate those who have. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your ATLAS workspace and click on the Submissions tab
  2. Select one or many of the students you want to send an email to
  3. Then click on Report and go to the Breakdown of Submissions report  

    Email via ATLAS - Submissions Tab
  4. On this Reports page:
    1. Select the relevant Assignment
    2. Choose the ‘status’ of the submissions for the group of students you want to email (i.e. All, Not submitted or Submitted);
    3. Or enter their name in the User Details field.

      Email via ATLAS - Reports page
  5. To send an email to the selected users, click on the “Message to filtered list” button (top of the screen):

    Email via ATLAS - Message to filtered list
  6. NOTE: A pop-up will appear asking you to continue to the Community page.
    Please click OK:  

    Email via ATLAS - Community page pop-up
  7. On the ‘Send a message’ page:
    1. If required, Remove any “To:” recipients by clicking the ‘x’ next to their name
    2. Select “Send Copy to Myself” to keep a copy for your records (however, ATLAS will retain a copy of the message – see step ‘9’)
    3. Compose your email
    4. Click “Send Message”.

      Email via ATLAS - Send a Message page
  8. Students (recipients) will receive an email with the sender, date, time and workspace name included, then the message:

    Email via ATLAS - Email message example
  9. Designated Lead Tutors can see a list of emails sent from the workspace by following these steps :
    1. Click Management tab
    2. Click Log
    3. Search for “message” to see a list of emails sent
    4. Click title of message to see details.

      Email via ATLAS - List of emails sent

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