You must have Creator access in your region in order to create a workspace – without this access, the ‘Create a Workspace’ setup will not be available when you click on your newly created ATLAS link.

You can request access by filling out the Region 'Creator' Access Request Form. Once you have Creator access, follow the instructions below to create a new workspace for your course in ATLAS:

  1. Refer to Creating links to Pebble+ & ATLAS in Learning@Griffith before proceeding
  2. Click on the newly created ATLAS link – ATLAS will open in a new tab

  3. You will see the Create a workspace setup page
  4. Select Create a brand new workspace
  5. Click Continue
  6. On the next page, you’ll be able to alter the Title and Description of your workspace

    -  Recommended: Include the full course code (course, semester and campus) in one or both fields. It will be entered in both by default.
  7. If you’re enrolled as a Creator in more than one region, select the relevant region for the workspace 

    -  Recommended: Select your school’s Group region
  8. Choose whether to create the region in Setup Mode or Active Mode
    • Setup mode: Students will not have access to any resources you share in this workspace until you Activate it. They will not be able to see the workspace in their ATLAS dashboard
    • Active mode: Students will have access to all shared resources within this workspace and will be able to see it in their ATLAS dashboard
  9. Select Continue to workspace management area
  10. Click Continue
  11. Leave the page settings as the default
  12. Leave the landing page settings as the default – Unless you wish to directstudents straight to ATLAS, in which case, select from the available radiobuttons (About, Submissions or Resources)
  13. Click Continue

  14. You will then see a list of Managers in the workspace – this will include anyone with a teaching role in the course
  15. Click Continue
  16. You will then see a list of Members in the workspace – these are all of the students currently enrolled in the course
  17. Click Finish

  18. You will then be re-directed to the landing page specified in step 12 – if you left the setting as default, you will see the Management – About Page
  19. You are able to edit the text on this page by changing the text and adding links
  20. Alternatively, you can also create a Page in Pebble+ to use on this page! 

    NOTE: Students will ONLY see this page if they enter ATLAS.
  21. If you chose to create the workspace in Setup Mode, you will see a yellow bar across the top reminding you to activate the workspace.
  22. On the far-right of the page, you will see a green Activate button. Click this once you’re ready to release your shared resources to students.


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