Storage and archiving services provides management and support for corporate and research data hosting and data protection.

Managing your storage doesn't have to be a problem. Purchased devices may last many years but there will always be a limit in regards to capacity. Storage management can provide for your storage requirements by offering a hassle free long term storage solution. There is a difference between backup and archive. Backup is for the short term and is designed to be recovered quickly. Archiving data is storing for the long term and is meant to store files that are no longer changing or need to be changed.

Storage duration

  • Quick recovery (up to two weeks)
  • Short term backup (retained for four weeks)
  • Medium term backup (retained for twelve months)
  • Long term archiving (up to seven years)

Top five reasons why

  • Access your files anywhere
  • Prevent data loss
  • Performance
  • Collaboration
  • Security

Our services

Storage/Backup options

We provide a consultation service to clients to help determine which data hosting and protection options that will be the best fit for the client's needs. Depending on the size and scope of the project, the set-up time will vary.

Backup request

G drive archive

The G drive archive is an archive solution for files stored in the Griffith G drive that have not been modified in more than 2 years.

G drive archive

File storage

Griffith University provides networked drives as file storage for Griffith staff and students. Data stored in G and H drive is protected automatically by the system and this storage space is only accessible on campus.

Mobile G drive

Storage / Backup options

Research storage

We offer various storage services to all researchers and research students affiliated with the University. The Research Storage Service is an area where researchers can gain access to digital storage based on their storage needs. The project data stored in these services are freely accessible, with unlimited storage and securely stored on Griffith servers.

Storage for researchers

Research storage stats

Corporate storage

We offer various storage services to business units in and affiliated with the University. Please note, the archival request can only be performed on systems connected to the Griffith wired network. Turnaround time for a request to archive data is 3 days from receipt of correctly completed form.

Corporate storage request

Additional storage quota

All users are given a quota of 50 MB for their H: drive usage. Some schools also implement a G: drive quota for their users. If you are having problems saving to your H: or G: drives and are unable to archive or delete any files, please submit the form below to have your quota increased. Your form will need to be authorised by a registered person.

H: drive storage
Standard quota: 50 MB
Additional storage for staff only: by request



General enquiries and support

Server Systems Services provide support Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.

On-call support is available through the IT Service Centre during the hours listed.

Locations and postal addresses

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