Our library uses a proxy service to provide you with access to restricted resources subscribed to by the Library, namely databases, e-journals, e-books and some web resources.

Many of these electronic resources are restricted so the library proxy allows our users, both on and off campus, to use them. You will be prompted to login using your Griffith portal username and password. You will then connect to the database you want.


You should check your browser configuration and ensure it:

  • Is set to:
    • accept cookies
    • allow pop-ups
  • Has JavaScript enabled.

Some databases do not work with some browsers. AOL has been identified as problematic. If you are experiencing problems accessing databases with your current browser, try Google Chrome.

Using Griffith's Internet Access system

Not all licensed library resources are available through the Library Proxy service. When this happens, if you are off campus, you will need to connect to the Griffith network using either VPN or Staff Modem Account, and then login to Internet Access. On-campus users will only need to login to Internet Access.

Many of these resources will not incur individual Internet Access costs, but some will.

Session duration

Your session will remain active as long as some keystroke activity is detected. but will otherwise time out after 30 minutes. Some database suppliers may set their own, shorter, limits on inactivity before closing a session.

If an 'Attempt to authenticate to non-existent session' message appears, try clearing your browser's cookies or close your browser window(s) and start again.