The aim of the ongoing governance is to ensure the Student Portal continues to deliver on its vision and is kept relevant and up-to-date.

Key principles:

  • The Student Portal is cross-functional and is focused on student needs not on who delivers the service at Griffith.
  • Decisions regarding Portal changes should be data driven (based on analytics and/or student testing results).
  • Impact on students is to be considered around timing when making changes.

Student Portal Steering Committee

The Student Portal Steering Committee represents the Business System Owner (Provost, Academic) and is responsible for ensuring that the Student Portal continues to deliver to its vision.

Role Organisational Unit
Academic Registrar (Chair) Academic Administration
Dean Learning Futures
Director Student Success ( AA )
Director Student Administration ( AA )
Director Student Services ( AA )
Director University Librarian ( INS )
Director Planning and Projects Office ( INS )
Director Office of Marketing and Communications ( OMC )
Director Griffith International
Marketing manager Campus Life
Manager, HDR Student Centre HDR / GGRS
Director Enterprise Information Services

Student Portal Steering Committee responsibilities

  • Decisions regarding changes to the Information Architecture (menu structure).
  • Agreeing on the content to be shown on the myGriffith home page.
  • Approving a schedule for update of time based tiles.
  • Approval of new personalisation attributes, common element display templates and new or changed integrations.
  • Periodic review of the creative design/look and feel of myGriffith.
  • Reviewing the ongoing usage of the portal.
  • Providing input into future project proposals and product roadmaps.
  • Resolving any escalated issues raised by shared page owners.

Page owners

All myGriffith pages have an ownership team or an owner who is responsible for the content on the page. A representative for each page sits on the Student Portal Steering Committee.

Page levels

  • Homepage
    • Level 1
      • Level 2
PagePage Level stakeholder group (ownership team) Steering Committee representative
Homepage Level 1 Student Portal Steering Committee Academic Registrar
My courses Level 1 Centre for Learning Futures, Student Administration, Academic Services Dean, Centre for Learning Futures
Study support Level 1 Library, IT Services, Student Success, Griffith International, INS Communications Director, Library and Lending Services
Personal support Level 1 Student Services, Griffith International Associate Director, Student Services
Student life Level 1 Campus Life, Student Guild Marketing Manager, Campus Life
Employment Level 1 Student Success, Alumni Associate Director, Student Success
My research Level 1 Higher Degree Research Centre Griffith Graduate Research School Manager, HDR Student Centre
My details Level 2 Student Administration Director, Student Administration
My contacts Level 2 Student Administration Director, Student Administration
Messages Level 2 Student Administration Director, Student Administration
Fees Level 2 Student Administration Director, Student Administration

Page owner responsibilities

  • In conjunction with the Portal Analyst/Administrator reviewing analytics reports and using these to inform page content improvements.
  • Providing to the Steering Committee a summary report of any changes that have been made to pages they are responsible for since the previous steering committee meeting.
  • Advising the Portal Analyst/Administrator of any changes to applications or general web pages that may impact myGriffith.

Managing content

Page Data/content elementDelegate
Homepage Personal links Portal Administrator
Homepage Time-bound tiles Portal Administrator
Homepage Messages Student Administration
Multiple Carousel Web Publisher nominated by each page owner
Multiple I want to? Portal Administrator
Multiple Organisational contacts Web Publisher nominated by each page owner

Web publishers

Page owners select web publishers who are trained to modify content items in myGriffith.

myGriffith page owners and publishers (requires staff login)

Web publishers can only make content changes to myGriffith pages assets (carousels, contacts, etc . ) to which they are assigned.