High performance computing

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Griffith operates two High Performance Computing (HPC) systems: a 372-core computer cluster named 'Gowonda', and an older 128-CPU computer cluster named 'v20z'. The two systems support analyses and simulations that require high-end computational capabilities, including parallel processing.

Cluster resources can be allocated to meet specific project requirements, or deployed as a pool resource via a batch scheduling system. Programming support is available for Griffith researchers who would like to make use of this facility.

Griffith is affiliated with the Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF). Therefore, Griffith's HPC resources can be used by researchers from any QCIF-affiliated institution, and Griffith researchers can call upon HPC resources from other QCIF-affiliated institutions if required.

To obtain access to Griffith's HPC resources, please complete the following online form:

For further information about Gowonda, including a user guide, please see:

Information about other IT facilities and services available for Griffith researchers can be found at:

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