Data management and discovery

Data managementA lot of attention is being given to management of research data both at the national level (e.g. NCRIS) and at the university level (e.g. Griffith's code for the responsible conduct of research). In addition, many researchers have themselves identified data management as being a critical element of their research projects.

eResearch specialists are available to assist researchers with managing their data. We can help with data storage, long-term preservation and metadata systems, using facilities provided by Griffith or by external organisations, such as the Australian National Data Service (ANDS).

Griffith has a research data repository that makes data accessible via a web browser. See:

Griffith also participates in Research Data Australia, which is a national catalogue of research data and associated research activities. To see what data collections and research activities have been registered in the catalogue, visit:

To provide feedback about information in Research Data Australia, please visit:

Further information about services and resources related to data management, including a Data Management Planning Tutorial, can be found in the following guides:

You can also enquire further about data management options via the Contact us page.

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