eResearch support

'eResearch' encapsulates any research activity that uses advanced digital technologies such as:

  • advanced communications networks;
  • specialized software for data analysis and visualization;
  • high performance computing facilities;
  • data repositories, and associated data management tools;
  • advanced collaboration tools;
  • graphics-intensive visualisation and interaction systems;
  • simulation tools;
  • sensor networks; and
  • digital instrumentation systems.

Research projects across a broad spectrum of disciplines will often include some component of 'eResearch'.

Support for a wide range of eResearch technologies is available to Griffith researchers. eResearch specialists can assist with use of advanced information and communication technologies (ICT) for:

eResearch specialists can also assist with determining ICT requirements for Grant Applications and other research proposals.

Separate intranet web sites provide details on facilities that are available for:

For a consolidated list of 'eResearch' resources and services that are commonly recommended to Griffith researchers, see this webpage:

To enquire further about support for eResearch, see the Contact Us page.

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