Staff support for desktop and notebook computers, printers and other peripherals.

We provide installation and maintenance of:

  • software on Griffith assets.
  • desktop computing hardware and peripherals, including new computers.
  • computing labs.

As well as:

  • investigation and evaluation of emerging technologies.
  • advice on all IT related issues.
  • development and deployment of a SOE for Griffith.
  • general second and third tier support for our IT infrastructure.

Windows 10 Parallels Mac Management

⚠ Important

Do not upgrade your Griffith Mac operating system to 'Catalina'


We currently have several preferred supplier arrangements in place with the following vendors:

  • Data 3 (HP product)
  • Dell computers
  • Apple

These arrangement are periodically reviewed in accordance with good Contract Management practices and Significant Procurement Plans. This helps to ensure the University has access to high quality IT equipment and support services at very competitive prices.

We regularly review the recommended configuration for new computer purchases. A key requirement is to ensure that the capacity of the unit is sufficient to ensure it will be useful for the whole of its expected service life. At present, the service life for the average desktop computer at Griffith is four years.

Some Dell standard models are pre-approved and these can be purchased from Dell’s Premier Page located on Unimarket. This is accessed by entering a purchase request on the Staff portal.

Next Business Day (NBD) On-site Service covers labour and the repair or replacement of parts in the main system unit, including monitor, keyboard and mouse, if not ordered separately, and after confirmed diagnosis with Dell Technical Support.

There are no insurance options available for computing equipment.

For enquiries regarding the progress of your order or the arrival of your new equipment, please contact

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Preferred models - Computers Personal home use discounts

Quote for Computer Equipment (Staff only)

For HP and Apple products, written quotes must be obtained and included with your requisition on the Staff portal. Please note that Apple has a panel of preferred resellers and comparative quotes must be sought from the panel when purchasing Apple products.

Please submit the Quote for Computer Equipment Form (Staff only) to obtain a quote. If you need assistance in this matter, please contact IT Service Centre.

The quote is for hardware only. When the new computer has been delivered to Griffith campus, you will be notified via email. You will be able to request for new software or transfer existing software to the new computer through Software Services.


Windows based computer environment

All Griffith purchased Windows based laptops and desktops currently have installed, by default, a SOE . This equips your Windows based computer with all the required standard software available for staff, as is standard practice.

The Windows based SOE is based on the following understandings.

  1. Current operating system is Windows 10 Enterprise SP1 , 64 bit.
  2. The basic standard software is included in the SOE - Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat Reader
  3. Additional software can be requested for the computer via Software services (a cost may be involved).
  4. Software can be transferred from one computer to another via software request if required.

Installation of the SOE onto Griffith computers attract no charges. The same applies for current computers that need re-imaging for reasons such as hard drive replacement/failure, computer issues, etc.

Apple Macintosh based computer environment

All Griffith purchased Mac laptops and desktops currently have an MOE which overlays the Mac OS X . This overlay includes these standard software:

- Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Outlook)
- Symantec Endpoint Protection (Antivirus & Security)
- Adobe Acrobat Reader
- Google Chrome
- Mozilla Firefox
- Java Runtime
- VLC Media Player
- Ricoh Print Drivers

A "New Computer Setup" is required via software services during the ordering process.

Ongoing support

Technical support and service for all issues related to the operation of your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and peripheral devices connected to your computer.

Service Provisions includes:

  • Technical support for your desktop software and hardware (including printers), when you are having issues
  • Custom image configurations for libraries, teaching and common use and school laboratories
  • Reimaging computers to restore default configurations
  • User-specific configurations of Windows/Macintosh/Linux computing environments to enable connectivity to services
  • Routine maintenance services including patches, fixes, virus updates, BIOS updates to ensure compatibility with Griffith University applications
  • File Recovery
  • Virus, spyware and malware scanning and removal
  • Support for computers located in the Red Zone
  • Home support for Griffith University Executive members
  • Relocation of computer equipment
  • Other technical troubleshooting where necessary

Supported Devices

Supported computers Supported mobile devices


The main criteria in selecting a printer is the cost per page. IT support staff can assist you with selecting the correct model and obtaining quotes.  For a list of available printers and MFDs, please visit Printing Services.

How do I Initiate the Service

  • Log a request for support via the IT Self- Service Centre.
  • Call the IT Service Centre on 07 373 55555 for assistance.

Executive home support

Service Excludes:

  • Support for non-Griffith University Hardware or Products
  • Training on Desktop Applications
  • Large or complex relocation of equipment

Tech assist bars

Visit one of our Tech Assist Bars on Nathan or Gold Coast campus available Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm for face-to-face support.

Tech assist bars

'Catalina' or 'MacOS v10.15' operating system issues identified

Apple is releasing a new operating system called 'Catalina' or 'MacOS v10.15’.

We have tested a pre release version of this operating system and have identified several high-risk issues which would cause significant disruption if installed on your Griffith Mac.

These issues include:

  • Unable to connect to some Griffith network resources, including the staff print system, G: drive.
  • Cannot log into your Mac using Griffith credentials.
  • Some applications will be incompatible with ‘Catalina’ and will not work.

What you need to do

If you see a message promoting you to install ‘Catalina’ please DO NOT upgrade until further notice. This operating system upgrade will not automatically install on your Mac and will only install if you manually upgrade through the Apple Store.

NOTE: If installed there is no ‘quick fix solution’ available. A manual re-install of the previous operating system will be required which takes time to do.

Your existing operating system will continue to automatically install minor updates from time to time. These are safe and not expected to cause you any problems.

Working towards a solution

We are currently working with Apple to address these issues. Apple have advised that there are no security implications by not upgrading.

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Service availability

Trimester 1 and 2: Onsite support available: Monday to Thursday: 7am to 10pm | Friday: 7am to 6.30pm | Saturday, Sunday and most public holidays 10am to 5pm. ANZAC Day 12pm - 5pm.

Closed: Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Trimester 3: Onsite support available: Monday to Thursday: 7am to 9pm | Friday: 7am to 6.30pm | Saturday, Sunday and most public holidays 10am to 5pm.

Closed: Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

Between trimesters: Monday to Thursday 7.30am to 7pm | Friday: 7.30am to 6pm | Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 1 - 5pm.

Please note: Email requests may take up to 2 business days to process. Support requests should be submitted via phone, webform or chat.

For enquiries regarding the progress of your order or the arrival of your new equipment, please contact

IT Support Chat

IT Support Webform

Service Catalogue

(07) 3735 5555 Brisbane

(07) 5552 5555 Gold Coast

Field Services locations and postal addresses

Gold Coast
Client Technology Services
Room 3.19c Information Services (G10)
Griffith University
Parklands Drive
Southport Qld 4222

Client Technology Services
Room 3.10 Hub Link (L07)
Griffith University
University Drive
Meadowbrook Qld 4131

Mt Gravatt
Client Technology Services
Room 4.03 Social Sciences (M10)
Griffith University
Messines Ridge Road
Mt Gravatt Qld 4122

Client Technology Services
Room 1.33 Technology (N44)
Griffith University
Kessels Road
Nathan Qld 4111

Client Technology Services
Room 3.11 Webb Centre (S02)
Griffith University
Grey Street
Southbank Qld 4101

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