Staff support for IT essentials

We provide installation and maintenance of:

  • software on Griffith assets
  • desktop computing hardware, new computers and peripherals
  • computing labs

We also support:

  • investigation and evaluation of emerging technologies
  • advice on all IT- related issues
  • development and deployment of an SOE for Griffith
  • general second and third-tier support for our IT infrastructure

Windows 10 Parallels Mac management

Want to bring your own device (BYOD) ?

Love your laptop? You can use your device for work if you would prefer.

Purchasing a computer

1. Access Marketplace

Time for a new personal computer? Or purchasing for a new staff member? The brands and models that the University is in partnership with for purchase are available on the Griffith Marketplace. See vendor locations below.

Brand Vendor in Griffith Marketplace
Dell Dell Australia
Apple The School Locker and JB-HiFi
Microsoft JB-HiFi  

Personal computer “bundles” are regularly reviewed to ensure a configuration suitable for general-purpose use throughout the entire expected four-year service life at a reasonable price. A four-year onsite warranty is included with Dell and Apple standard bundles. Microsoft comes with a three-year warranty.

Griffith Marketplace

2. Recommended models

The following are the recommended model ranges for general use by staff at Griffith:

Brand Recommended desktop models Recommended portable models
Apple iMac Macbook Pro
Dell Optiplex Latitude
Microsoft NA Surface Pro (except X model)

Preferred models

The following are general minimum recommended standards for new staff computers:

Feature Specification
Internal Storage Solid State drive with at least 256GB capacity
Processor Intel Processor
Memory 16GB of RAM
Portable PCs Use a dock with external monitor, keyboard and mouse attached

3. Select a computer

When you’ve made your selection, follow the guide on Griffith Marketplace to make a purchase online—including prompts for the essential manager approval. Your new PC should arrive in five days.

Specialised Requirements

If you’re after a custom option, we are here to help, it may just take a little more time. For computer and software packages that you’re not seeing in our bundles, contact our IT Service Centre and we can talk through your options.

To get these custom orders moving in time, start the ordering process 1-3 months in advance of when you’ll need your new set up.

Related devices:

Tablets Mobile phones

4. External quotes

When not purchasing a computer or accessories through the Griffith Marketplace, a custom quote is required. Please submit the Quote for Computer Equipment Form to obtain a quote.

If you need assistance in this matter, please contact the IT Service Centre.

These quotes are for hardware only. When the new computer has been delivered to Griffith campus, you will be notified via email. You will be able to request new software or to transfer existing software to the new computer through Software services.

Quote for Computer Equipment (staff only)

Personal home-use discounts


Windows based computer environment

All Griffith-purchased Windows-based laptops and desktops currently have an SOE installed by default. This equips your computer with all the required standard software available for staff.

The Windows based SOE is based on the following understandings:

  • current operating system is Windows 10 Enterprise SP1, 64 bit.
  • the basic standard software is included in the SOE – Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • additional software can be requested for the computer via Software services (a cost may be involved)
  • software can be transferred from one computer to another via software request system (requires VPN)

We offer free installation of the SOE onto Griffith computers, and support current computers that need re-imaging for general reasons, including hard drive replacement or failure.

Apple Macintosh based computer environment

All Griffith-purchased Mac laptops and desktops currently have an MOE which overlays the Mac OS X. This MOE includes the following standard software:

- Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Outlook)
- Symantec Endpoint Protection (Antivirus and Security)
- Adobe Acrobat Reader
- Google Chrome
- Mozilla Firefox
- Java Runtime
- VLC Media Player
- Ricoh Print Drivers

A "New Computer Setup" is required via Software Request system (requires VPN) during the ordering process.

Ongoing support

We provide technical support and service for all issues related to the operation of your desktop, laptop, tablet and peripheral devices connected to your computer.

Service provisions include:

  • technical support for your desktop software and hardware, including printers
  • custom image configurations for libraries, teaching and common use and school laboratories
  • re-imaging computers to restore default configurations
  • user-specific configurations of Windows, Macintosh and Linux computing environments to enable connectivity to services
  • routine maintenance services including patches, fixes, virus updates, BIOS updates to ensure compatibility with Griffith University applications
  • file recovery
  • virus, spyware and malware scanning and removal
  • support for computers located in the Red Zone
  • home support for Griffith University Executive members
  • relocation of computer equipment
  • other technical troubleshooting where needed

Supported Devices

Supported mobile devices

Service excludes:

  • support for non-Griffith hardware or products
  • training on desktop applications
  • large or complex relocation of equipment


The main criteria in selecting a printer is the cost per page. IT support staff can assist you with selecting the correct model and obtaining quotes. For a list of available printers and MFDs, please visit Staff printing.

Supported computers

Executive home support

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Email requests may take up to two business days to process. Support requests should be submitted via phone, webform or chat.

For enquiries regarding the progress of your order or the arrival of your new equipment, please contact

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