Griffith University currently has agreements with Dell, HP, and Apple for the provision of personal computers and other equipment. These companies also provide opportunities to Griffith University students and staff to purchase a selection of their products at educational discounts. Items available through these programs generally offer cost savings over standard retail purchase should you be seeking to buy a personal computer (desktop or laptop) and/or small printer for your own personal use at home. From time to time both Dell and HP offer promotional specials in addition to standard educational discounts as outlined below.

Please note:

  • There is no implied guarantee from any of these companies that you may not, on occasion, be able to purchase these items more cheaply through "super specials" at large retailers or similar;
  • These purchases are made by you as an individual for personal at home use and, as such, any equipment purchased is not supported by the University or its support staff.

Dell offer a discount purchasing scheme for Griffith staff and students through the staff purchase and student purchase websites. For staff purchase, please contact Dell on 1300 955 523 for help with your employee code.

Apple offers an educational purchasing scheme through their program website.

HP currently offers promotional specials from time to time through their 'Griffith Students' website (available to staff as well as students).

For more information related to any of the Personal Home Use discount options select your preferred option below: