What is Parallels Mac Management technology

Parallels Mac Management technology enables us to manage our Mac fleet at an enterprise level - similar to how Windows PCs are currently managed - with the same security policies across both platforms.

Who needs to install the App

  • If you received a Mac computer prior to 26 September 2017 you are required to install the Parallels Mac Management App on your computer.
  • If you received a Mac computer after 26 September 2017 no action is required and your computer is up to date.

To confirm that the Parallels Mac Management App is installed > go to System Preferences > if the Parallels Mac Management icon is displayed the App has been installed.



To learn more about the benefits of Parallels Mac Management technology see an overview of Benefits.

Installation steps

  1. Double-click Download Parallels Mac Management button to start the installation process. Download Parallels Mac Management
  2. The executable InstallManagement App.dmg file will then be accessible from your Downloads folder.
  3. Double-click the InstallManagement App.dmg file from Downloads.  Note: if you can not see file > go to Finder > Downloads.
  4. The InstallMangementApp window will appear > hold the Control button on your keyboard and click the InstallManagement App icon. Note: If the Control button and InstallManagement App icon are not clicked at the same time an error will be generated.  If this occurs repeat this step again.

    select the install management icon
  5. Select Open.

    example of the menu options
  6. A pop up window will appear “Install Management App” is an application downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it? > click Open.

    example of the dialogue box that will appear
  7. Enter your User Name and Password
    • If you have logged into your Mac using Griffith Single Sign-On > enter your Griffith User Name (sNumber) and Password > click OK.
    • If you have logged into your Mac using other credentials (i.e. Admin or a locally created account) enter the appropriate User Name and Password > click OK.

      log in dialogue box
  8. A pop up window will display > click OK - installation of the Parallels Mac Management App will commence. This should take no longer than 30 seconds.

    example of the dialogue box
  9. When the installation is complete a pop up window will display > click OK. The Griffith Parallels Mac Management app has now been installed.

    confirmation dialogue box
  10. Close the InstallManagementApp window.

    install management app dialogue box
  11. To remove InstallManagementApp icon from your desktop > hold the Ctrl button on your keyboard and click on the InstallManagementApp icon.

    example of how the app will look on your desktop
  12. Select Eject “InstallManagementApp”.

    example of the menu to close the app on your desktop

Installation Guide


For further installation queries contact the IT Service Centre on (07) 3735 5555 (Brisbane Campuses) or (07) 5552 5555 (Gold Coast Campus).

Benefits to you

  • Security & Data privacy: Mac computers are not immune to viruses or cyberattacks. Parallels Mac Management enables us to quickly deploy critical software updates to your computer, ensuring that your data and privacy are protected.
  • Self-service software installations (coming soon): will provide the ability to install approved Mac applications directly from a new Software Service’s ‘online shop’.

Benefits to Griffith

  • Security
    • Given the increasing threat of cyberattacks we must ensure the security of our IT infrastructure.
    • Currently critical Mac software updates are not managed from an enterprise level which leaves computers - and our infrastructure - vulnerable. Parallels Mac Management enables deployment of timely critical updates.
  • Inventory & Reporting
    • Meets software licensing and security compliance auditing obligations.
    • Provides inventory and reporting tools for managers to assist in monitoring warranty and replacement of obsolete equipment.
  • Streamlined IT support
    • Enables image deployment and software management.
    • Allows users to browse and install approved Mac applications.

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For enquiries regarding the progress of your order or the arrival of your new equipment, please contact fin-purchasing@griffith.edu.au

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