At home to senior management includes

  • PC and peripheral configuration, installation, security and support.
  • Software installation, security and support.
  • Home network configuration, installation, security and support.
  • Configuration and support of the Griffith dial up Internet services.

It is limited to

  • Griffith assets at home.
  • Griffith setup of internet-connected networks at home with Griffith assets attached as default.
  • Initial connection of non Griffith assets, only for Griffith-setup internet-connected networks at home.
  • Hardware and software supported under the University SOE Policy.


The service is available to all members of the University Senior Executive Group

  • Vice Chancellor and President
  • Deputy Vice Chancellor (Teaching and Learning) and Deputy President
  • Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) and Deputy President
  • PVC (Arts, Education and Law)
  • PVC (Business)
  • PVC (Health)
  • PVC (Science and Technology)
  • PVC (Equity and Community Partnerships)
  • PVC (Administration)
  • PVC (Information Services)
  • PVC (International)

It is also available to the Chancellor of the University, Faculty Deans, Heads of School or Departments and Directors of Administrative Elements and Research Centres and is available Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm.

If necessary out of hours support can be arranged by negotiation.

Charges and fees

There is no cost associated with the use of this service.


All requests are responded to within 2 working days 98% of the time, our client satisfaction with the service is greater than 90%.