The following page outlines the computer retirement process for Griffith computer equipment.

Note: Any software licenses not transferred to a current computer will be transferred to a licence pool and redistributed throughout the fleet.


Before commencing the computer retirement process, ensure that the following actions have been completed:

  1. Any required data has been backed up and/or transferred to a current computer.
  2. Any software license(s) on the retiring computer has been transferred to a current computer via the I Need to Transfer Software form on the Software Request system.
  3. If the compute equipment has a white asset sticker, or is valued at $5,000 or above, the Head of Element is required to provide approval.
  4. If the asset is to donated refer to Item 2 in Disposal Options.
  5. If the asset was stolen a Security Incident form needs to be completed (VPN required off campus) and the incident number provided. Assets that are stolen from the University must be reported to the police and advice forwarded to the Risk Management & Insurance office.

Upon completion of the the prerequisites listed above, the retirement process may now commence.

Disposal Options

  1. Retiring a Griffith asset: Complete  an Asset Disposal Application form for the computer/s to be retired.  If the computer equipment has a white asset sticker, or is valued at $5,000 or above, the Head of Element is required to provide approval.
  2. Donate a Griffith asset: Complete an Asset Donation Application form for the computer/s to be donated. The Head of School/Element is required to provide a letter/email authorising the donation, this must be attached to the form. A letter or email of request from the recipient organisation must also be attached to the form. In line with Griffith Assets Policy, only the following entity types are eligible to be approved for the purpose of receiving asset donations from the University:
    • ACNC Registered
    • State or Territory Government Entity
    • Griffith Community Engagement Organisations (with approved Memorandum of Understanding)
  3. Asset retirement due to theft: Complete an Asset Theft Notification form. The asset will be removed from the Griffith equipment records.

Retirement Process

To complete the retirement process:

On receipt of the Asset Disposal or Donation forms above Digital Solutions staff will collect the computer equipment, transfer software and wipe the hard drive and dispose of the equipment or return to owner for donation.

This completes the computer retirement process.