The Leneen Forde Future Leaders Program will support the development of women who are succeeding in leadership roles and who we hope will seek to further their leadership contributions in the future.

Creating an organisational culture in which women participate equally at all levels allows us to be more effective at teaching, learning and research, and helps the University in its pursuit of excellence. Our strategy as a University has been to work continuously to identify and address the traditional and not-so-traditional disadvantages faced by women, to support their aspirations and to ensure they participate in the leadership and development of the University. These aspirations have never been more important than today as Higher Education policies and our institutions move into a period of rapid change.

The Program is named in honour of Leneen Forde AC in recognition of her outstanding contribution to Griffith and to the status and progress of women nationally and internationally.

2018- 2020 Participants


Program Objectives To create time and opportunity for women in leadership roles to reflect on their personal strengths and identify areas for improvement in their leadership capabilities.
Program Length Two years
Program Content
  • Two high quality experiential lunch events at which participants have the opportunity to meet and interact with senior leaders
  • Career planning session with Senior member of the University
  • Formal sponsorship arrangement
  • Interactive workshops - a mixture of guest speakers, and opportunities to discuss the leadership journey with other experienced leaders
  • Participation in 360 degree feedback
  • Central University funding up to $2000.00 for each participant to attend leadership development or implement a leadership project, which may be supplemented further by the Groups
Program Participants
  • Hold existing leadership roles
  • Have some external focus in this role
  • Achieving high performance
  • Committed to career progression
  • Corporate citizen
  • Identified capacity to go further
Program Application Process

Nominations forwarded from Group and Element PVC's and DVC's for consideration by VC.

PVC's will be asked to carefully consider their nominees and ensure that those they nominate would be considered for senior roles in their Element.

2018 - 2020 participants





Professor Susan Dennison

Deputy Head (Research), School of Criminology & Criminal Justice

Associate Professor Elisabeth Findlay

Associate Professor, Queensland College of Art



Associate Professor Robin Roberts

Associate Professor, Griffith Asia Institute



Associate Professor Evelin Tiralongo

Director, Clinical Trial Unit, Griffith Health Clinics

Associate Professor Thea van de Mortel

Deputy Head (L&T), School of Nursing & Midwifery



Professor Hong Zhang

Professor, School of Engineering & Built Environment

Professor Sally-Ann Poulsen

School of Environment & Science, Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery (GRIDD)

Associate Professor Qin Li

Associate Professor, School of Engineering & Built Environment



Associate Professor Michelle Whitford

Dean (Learning & Student Outcomes)

PVC and Head, Logan Campus


Ms Maureen Sullivan

University Librarian



Ms Louise Howard

Director, Information Technology Infrastructure, Digital Solutions